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School & Day Care Field Trips


Ortona Gymnastics Club offers field trips throughout the entire year. Thousands of youth visit our gym yearly with schools and other organizations. All ages are welcome here!

What we provide
Our nationally certified coaches provide structured classes in a safe and fun environment utilizing the technical content of Cangym.

Ortona uses an array of equipment in the field trip program, including bars, balance beams, trampolines, vaulting horses, pommel horses, still rings, beat boards, slides, tunnels, spring floors and our foam pit.
What you provide

Schools & groups are responsible for the transportation of their students to and from our facility.
Each participant is required to provide a completed waiver. This form must be completed before arrival at our facility.

For more information please visit the Ortona Gymnastics website 
or to book your field trip please email fieldtrips@ortonagymnastics.com or phone (780) 492-7492 and leave a message for the Field Trip Coordinator.

Now Offering GO Sports School Field Trips!!!
Alberta’s physical education curriculum requirements are enhanced through GO Sports School Field Trips:

-Catering activities to students at all levels of ability in a caring, non-competitive, inclusive environment
-Emphasis on having fun while learning different sports and activities
-Our activities are recognized as essential components of the Alberta learning physical education curriculum:
  • General outcome A – Activity
  • General outcome B – Benefits Health
  • General outcome C – Cooperation
  • General outcome D – Do it Daily – for Life!

Non-instructed activities available at the SCSC include:
Badminton  (6 courts – max 30 participants/gym)      
Dodgeball   (max 60 participants /gym)
Pickleball    (6 courts – max 30 participants/gym)     
KinBall        (max 30 participants/gym)

Instructed activities available at the SCSC include:

Scavenger Hunts        (Call for pricing and student instructor ratios)
Table Tennis                (max 30 participants/gym)

Sept 2016 – Aug 2017 Pricing:

Non-instructed 1 hr field trip   $63.00 GST incl
Instructed        1 hr field trip   $126.00 GST incl ($60/instructor)

All of the activities include: Rules and regulations, gym space and necessary equipment 
  • Teachers and volunteers are required to actively supervise students at all times
  • Students must bring comfortable clothing, runners and depending on the length of time a snack/lunch


For more information or to book your field trip please email fieldtrips@ortonagymnastics.com or phone (780) 492-7492 and leave a message for the Field Trip Coordinator